How Can I Stop My Weight Loss Self-Sabotage?

A Guide To Identifying The Patterns That Trip You Up

By Joshua Wayne
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Similar to what I said above, losing the weight might put you out of your comfort zone and you may be scared of it.

The reasons or this could be many:

•    Maybe you’re afraid your husband or wife will be jealous and angry because you’ve lost the weight and they have not. 
•    Maybe you’re afraid your friends won’t like you as much because you’ve changed your habits.  Maybe they’re struggling with their weight and would be jealous of you; or perhaps they’re thin and they prefer having you be heavy so that guys are more drawn to them. 
•    Maybe you come from a family of heavy people, you’ve always been overweight, and you just can’t yet imagine life being different.

The Warrior Mindset:

The solution?  Be a Warrior.  What I mean is that you need to claim what you want in life.  It’s okay to be afraid of change.  It’s normal and it’s human.  But that’s where the Warrior metaphor comes in.  A Warrior fights for what he or she wants and deserves.
You have to decide what you are going to allow to define your life: your fears or your dreams.  You deserve the health and the happiness you want- but you have to claim it.  It’s okay not to take on other people’s issues.  Let them work through their own stuff while you focus on yours. 

Your job is to claim your power by being at your best, pursuing your happiness and being as healthy as you can be.  This week maybe pick out one thing to work on here. Can you improve what you focus on? Can you give your disciple muscle a good workout?

Maybe you want to dig into the deeper stuff. Uncovering limiting beliefs is not something that one can often just snap their finger and do. Often you have no idea, and that is where forms of structured therapy really work well. It is so gratifying when someone says to me "I cannot believe I have been doing that" or "thinking that." Often, a simple adjustment is needed, but you have to do the work of getting to that point, that realization. The Point of No Return Program I do with Jackie often "shakes the tree" and helps people become aware of a lot of these patterns, which are then easy to interrupt and replace. It is that point when you are sitting there listening to the calls, you start to have these "aha" moments.

Some of this stuff is really embedded and simply takes work to pry loose. If you are not getting to your goals, you have to keep working at it. But the more you work at it, the better your odds are. I cannot tell you how great it is to see people at the point where something breaks free and just flies away for them.

In closing, I really hope you find some useful insights here to break whatever self-sabotage patterns you may have.  Please let me know what you got out of this article, and also if it gave you some ideas that I might not have thought of.  You can reach me at

Joshua Wayne is a Personal Development Coach and Trainer who focuses on weight loss, fitness and mind/body wellness.  He is the co-creator (with PEERtrainer co-founder Jackie Wicks) of the “Point of No Return” training program that helps people adopt the thinking and behaviors necessary to finally get “un-stuck” and overcome frustration and hopelessness in their weight loss efforts.

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