The South Beach Diet

The Danger Of Ketosis Generated By South Beach Diet Phase One

By Joel Fuhrman M.D.
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(PEERtrainer Editorial Note: This is a footnoted article with medical references at the end.  PEERtrainer does not represent the viewpoint in this article.)

While I realize PEERtrainer is dietary agnostic, I am sure many dieters will appreciate guidance directing them to potential risks of certain diets. South Beach is one that I and others have voiced concerns about over the years. In my view the dangers are potentially life threatening.

Some people change diets as each new celebrity comes on the screen championing the latest popular fad.  A few years back, the South Beach Diet became a hot, trendy diet, topping the best seller list.  Lose up to 13 pounds in two weeks, it claimed.  “Lose belly fat first”, was touted on the books cover. 

While making such a claim may sell books, many scientific studies have demonstrated that no diet can target a specific area of the body.  Where fat accumulates and where you lose it is based on genetics, not food choices.  As you turn the pages of the book, you find false and misleading claims on almost every page.

So many of his erroneous claims (like you are better off eating ice cream or a chocolate bar instead of a baked potato) because of the glycemic index of potatoes is higher) are simply wrong.  He also claims that eating a baked potato is less fattening topped with low-fat cheese or sour cream, compared to eating it plain.  He gives not one scientific reference to back up these his ridiculous claims.  When actresses give flawed information in their diet books, it is not as annoying as you don’t expect scientific integrity from an actress.    continue reading...

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