What Successful Weight Loss REALLY Looks Like

(and it's not what you see on reality television)

By Jackie Wicks, founder, PEERtrainer
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Losing weight is an enigma for many and what we tend to see over at PEERtrainer is that people can actually be on a successful weight loss track but because they don't know what a successful track looks like, they think they are failing. Once they believe they have screwed up, then they say "screw it" and really screw up. If only they knew how well they were doing.

While success does depend on your specific goals, starting point, body type and regimen, there are a few things that are consistent across the board and once you measure your weekly weigh in against this checklist. you'll know if you're on the right track.

1. Weight loss does NOT come in the form of losing 2 pounds every week until you reach your goal, no matter how well you're sticking to your food and exercise plan.   When you were gaining, you didn't gain 2 pounds every single week in a measured fashion. You're not going to lose it in the same way.   You might lose 2 pounds one week, maybe even three, you might lose 1 pound the next week, some weeks you might lose zero and there are weeks you even gain. Those are the most frustrating and we all have them.

Keep track of the weekly weigh ins but take a look at the month and see the overall trend. You might have gained a 1/2 pound one of the weeks but take note if you lost 4 pounds overall for the month. If the month is trending downwards, you are in the right place. You really are.

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