The Nutrition Prescription

A Personal Health Risk Evaluation and Eating Plan

By Habib Wicks, PEERtrainer Co-Founder

"We view The Nutrition Prescription as a quantum leap forward in the personalization of advice that is likely to help you lose weight. You get the same advice that you would if you visited Dr. Fuhrman's office."

For several years now, we have been very vocal in our support of the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We have put his weight loss and nutrition advice at the core of our coaching programs. Most importantly we get a TON of continual positive feedback from members of the PEERtrainer community. When people lose weight, there are often several important contributing factors. Over and over, the ideas of Dr. Fuhrman are among those factors.

I am saying all this because hundreds, sometimes thousands of people join our programs each day. Many times we are asked "who is this Dr. you keep promoting? Why do you push stuff like this?" So I thought it would make sense to provide some context as we introduce the latest program from Dr. Furhman and his team- The Nutrition Prescription.

Here are two videos that help provide context. The first is a clip from a celebrity TV show on E!. It sort of pains me to have to do this, but the reality is celebrity endorsements do help people take a product more seriously:

This second video is of Jackie describing the her view on the importance of his work. I think the most important point she makes is that Dr. Fuhrman helps with the "why" and the "how" of healthy eating.

Which brings us to "The Nutrition Prescription." This is not another book- it is basically an online doctors visit that will show you both the health risks you face with your specific diet and the exact foods you need to dramatically reduce them. Along with helping you lose weight.

Most importantly, we view The Nutrition Prescription as a quantum leap forward in the personalization of advice that is likely to help you lose weight. You get the same advice that you would if you visited Dr. Fuhrman's office.

Here is some more detail on how the assessment works and the thinking behind it:

The Thinking Behind The Nutrition Prescription:

-This is the nation’s only personal nutrition assessment and eating plan designed to prevent and reverse diet related chronic illnesses while delivering unprecedented weight loss.

- The Nutrition Prescription represents the real solution to America’s healthcare crisis. While many of America’s physicians are more focused on treating the symptoms of Americans living with chronic illness, this product addresses the causes of these illnesses and provides hope for people.

-When people’s lives are at stake, an honest and thorough assessment of someone’s nutritional health is vital – and that is what the Nutrition Prescription delivers.

How The Nutrition Prescription Works:

Based on a fifteen minute on-line survey, Dr. Joel Fuhrman will prescribe a nutritional regimen tailored to your unique needs, objectives and health status. This is literally an online ‘office visit’ and "Prescription for Health" that mirrors the consultation, careful review of your needs, and nutritional recommendations that Dr. Fuhrman make to the patients who visit his office.

The Nutrition Prescription is designed to address three main questions:
• What is missing in your diet?
• What are you at risk for based on what you eat?
• What do you need to eat to achieve optimal weight and health?

During this fifteen minute survey, you will answer a series of questions about your diet, health, family history, and lifestyle. You will even see Dr. Fuhrman throughout the survey, at which time he will talk to you about some important health and lifestyle choices.

Once you’ve completed the survey you will be provided with a detailed report which includes more thorough information than you may have ever received about yourself in your entire life. 

Your results include:

1. A Personal Nutrition Assessment, outlining where you are with your eating habits, and where you need to be in order to pack the most punch in terms of nutrients your body needs to thrive.  Your Nutritional Assessment includes:

• A Nutrition Prescription ‘Score’ so you know where you stand with your health.  This score, (from 1-10, 10 being outstanding health) summarizes your health and lifestyle risks in relation to your food intake, current weight, and several other factors that were determined from the questions we asked you.  

• An analysis of your current diet that tells you where you are nutrient deficient and what steps you need to take to reclaim your health.

• A specific nutrient intake goal - and a way to get there - that leads to dramatic weight loss and optimal health.

2. Next, you will receive a Health Risk Evaluation, breaking down your risk for developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease based on your eating habits, family history and lifestyle. 

The evaluation includes:

• Information on how your diet might contribute to chronic disease and a plan to reduce your disease risk.

• A sliding scale of your risk.  For several common chronic illnesses you will receive a low, moderate, high, or very high score so you have a clear and honest idea of your health status.  But don’t worry, you can reverse your risk!

• Specific instruction on which foods to avoid, and why.  You’ll know exactly how to change your diet, and even which conditions will improve from doing so. 

3. Finally, enjoy a Personalized Eating Plan, which provides the types and quantities of foods you should consume in order to lose weight or prevent/reverse disease.   This isn’t just a bulleted list of the top 5 things to do for your health.  This is designed by me—for YOU specifically. 

Your Personalized Eating Plan will tell you:

• Exact Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations so you know exactly where you can start changing your food and behaviors.

• A detailed eating plan that will make sense and give you a perfect starting point for beginning your path to lasting change.

• Recommended Shopping List to take the hassle out of trying to figure out what to buy.

• Helpful tips that will bring our recommendations together in a simple and fun way.

• A Food Scoring Guideline that shows you in plain terms which foods are high in nutrients, and which should be trashed immediately."

Next: How The PEERtrainer Cheat System can get you on the path to a more nutrient dense diet.

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