Having A Hard Time Losing Weight?

Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Doing Some Different Stuff...

By PEERtrainer Coaching Team

The single most important thing to communicate is that if you are having a hard time losing weight, you can make some changes that can quickly get you on track or give you a ton of hope. We tend to think of weight loss as being this massive challenge and massive effort.

Simple Changes Can Make A HUGE Difference

Few of us instead focus on the smallest components, but it is the small things that yield the best results. The very first thing we do in the
PEERtrainer Tip Of The Day program for example is to tell people to pick one thing to focus on one thing for the first week. Just one.

And people do this, right when they sign up. We even ask them to email us and tell us what their goal is and how it went after 7 days. They do it- and we read it! The result is that people start to develop the habit of meeting small goals. And our daily free email coaching program helps to keep them focused each day, each week.

So often people try these big programs and simply can't do it. We relentlessly preach starting super small- because you simply cannot fail or feel badly about yourself.

The Importance Of Mindset Adustments:

We do have our own "
big program" at PEERtrainer, but we work to restrict it to people who have developed a real readiness to lose weight. And there is a bit that goes into being truly ready. One very popular concept we introduce to people during the first few days of the Tip Of The Day program is teaching expectations vs desiries.

In short, you will get what you expect and generally not get what you desire. It is an important distinction and that link takes you to an article that walks you through a set of questions to help you understand where you are already headed unconciously. People resond powerfully to that article, so please check it out if you want to learn a key tool to feeling less frustrate and more hopeful in your weight loss process.

Getting In The Mindset Of Rapid Change:

It is one thing to tell you that in order to start losing weight quickly is to start eating an extremely high level of fruits and vegetables each day, before any other food. (Which it totally true btw). It is another for you to actually do it.

The funny thing about thinking and doing things differently is that it seems hard or hard to understand before you do it. But once you start doing it, it seems easy in retrospect. Eating a huge salad at most meals might seem crazy for you to imagine right now. But for people who get in that habit and start to enjoy the massive benefits of it, they can't imagine not doing it.

If you are new to PEERtrainer, you know this is a place where people often come to make small changes in their life and end up changing everything for the better. That is the nature of motivation and momentum. Once you get started, it is easy to keep going or even accelerate.

We have an excellent article written by our coaching team that goes over
the fundamentals of making changes that help you lose weight. The neat thing is that it is not just for weight loss or fitness. This can be used for anything. The most important thing to know is that you are capable of tremendous positive change. You just need to change what you expect, and you need to seek and destroy your limitations.

The Diet Fusion Kitchen:

Another key concept that we introduce in the PEERtrainer Tip Of The Day program is the idea of
Diet Fusion. What we mean by diet fusion is getting out of this notion that you need to be on one diet at one time. That is crazy. Different tools work differently and you need a lot of tools to build a house for example.

Weight Watchers is a tremendous tool, but it is just one of several effective tools. Often we see that people who count points and follow
The Eat To Live Diet
at the same time lose a nice amount of weight in a short amount of time. And since Eat To Live is the healthiest diet approach there is, you get an additional boost to your health. Total win-win.

Is Emotional Or Night Eating Tripping You Up?

A phenomenon we see at PEERtrainer often is that people tend to do "great all day, but then mess up at night. If you are one of these people who struggle with emotional eating or night eating, we have put together a new (free) program that helps you through a series of changes that may help you. You can read more about it here. Please make sure to read the quotes from participants. We are pretty pysched to be connecting with people in this way.

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