The Basics- 3 Simple Steps That Will Lead To Weight Loss And More Energy

By PEERtrainer Health and Fitness Team
strawberries and melon fruitsThere is a growing notion catching hold that "diets don't work and there is nothing we can do about our weight."   We read this, and hear others say this. At PEERtrainer, we wholeheartedly reject this notion. I reeks of defeatism and resignation. And the fact of the matter is there is ALWAYS something that can be done about anything.

We will leave the discussion about how this defeatism caught hold in our society for another time. (But we will be addressing this idea in depth.)

However, a simple focus on the basics should get us back on track. The reality is that we have become addicted to a sedentary lifestyle with a diet that sets us up for obesity and other chronic disease and health conditions.  Today, the majority of the average American’s diet comes from meat, and refined carbohydrates.  The exact opposite of what we really need to consume the most. 

A large portion of our daily diet should come from fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain essential elements in combinations that cannot be replicated.  Simply consuming supplemental vitamins and minerals won’t work. 

Add the lack of activity to the typical diet and you have a combination that sets you up for a body that’s out of shape and unhealthy. Basically there are three important areas that must be given the proper attention and implementation in order to have a long and healthy life.

1.    Consume a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  Currently there is no replacement for the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and fruits.  High in nutrients and fiber, and low in calories fruits and vegetables should be the majority of your diet.  Taking supplements doesn’t come close to matching the nutritional value of nature’s fresh fruits and vegetables.  Harvard Medical School now recommends five to nine servings per day of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2.    Get moving.  Study after study proves the value of an active lifestyle.  Exercising promotes health in every system of our body.  Many chronic health conditions can be prevented and even eliminated by changing to an active lifestyle. Try to get a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate activity every day.

3.    Use your brain.  Another important key to a long and healthy life is to keep your mind active.  So, instead of just sitting down and watching someone else live their life on TV, go live your own life.  Find activities to keep your brain and body active.

Following these three simple steps will improve your life, especially if you are like most that has a poor diet, and don’t engage in regular activity.  Making these lifestyle changes permanent will help to ensure a long and healthy life.

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