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Uncover the "Why":
Figure Out The Real Reason You Want To Lose Weight

People often say that the "why" is more important than the "how" in terms of getting something done. If you've been thinking about losing the last 10 pounds or the first 50 pounds, it's most likely been on your mind for a very long time. Why are you here reading this now? Did you have a scare at the doctor's office? Did you find yourself getting ready for work today and having every single pair of pants be too tight? Did you see yourself in a family picture?  Are you dating someone who is healthier than you and it has inspired you?

What is the real reason?


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Get Moving: 
How to push past the excuses

Create short bursts of cardio throughout your day by taking the steps instead...more>

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'explorer', PT member since 5.07

After a lifetime of sugar binges and sometimes other binges, and the resultant weight gain-diet-weight gain cycle, I decided this time would be different...more>
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