How to Get Rid of Fat Thighs

Best Thigh Exercises

By PEERtrainer Founder
If you’re like most women  you’re not happy with the shape of your thighs.  It seems like fat wants to stay on your thighs.  The inner thigh fat jiggles can be terrible to deal with.  Don’t despair.  There are ways get rid of fat thighs.  The best part is you can learn how to get rid of thigh fat and keep it off.

Several things contribute to the level of fat on your thighs…genetics, level of activity, and your level of metabolism and the three factors that contribute the most to fat thighs. Combining healthy eating habits with targeted thigh exercises is the best way to learn hot to get rid of “thunder thighs."

The Exercises To Burn Thigh Fat

To lose fat and trim the thighs you must work each of the four main muscle groups in the thighs.  The quadriceps, biceps femoris, leg adductors, and the leg abductors are the four primary muscles groups that must be toned for strong trim thighs.

Moderate walking for a minimum of twenty minutes at least three to five times a week will help you to lose thigh fat. Don’t like walking, try stationary bikes or a treadmill for the same results. 

Still another way to lose fat and tone the thighs is by specifically targeting the area with exercise.  Leg curls and leg presses are two favorite thigh exercises.  Also good for thighs are squats, and lunges.  One tip…make sure when you are doing the squats that you position your feet wide.  This helps to better target those inner thigh muscles.  Even when other areas of the thigh are trim, the inner thighs can be a problem. 

Using stairs can provide you with a great inner thigh workout. Stand sideways at the bottom step holding on to the rail for balance.  Place your right foot on the first stair and cross your left leg over to get to the next stair.  Climbing stairs using this method is an excellent inner thigh trimmer.

Just as with losing weight in any area of your body, you must burn more calories than you consume.  Doing thigh exercises will trim and target the muscles of the thigh, but unless you eat less your weight will remain the same.

The Diet To Get Rid Of Fat Thighs

One of the reasons that thigh exercises help to burn thigh fat is simply because these are the largest muscles in the body. When you exercise your muscles it sets off a whole chain of events that results in lower blood glucose levels, increased metabolism and ultimately a greater ability to burn fat.

However, all the exercise in the world is useless unless you are making dietary changes that result in two very specific things.

First, you must increase the vegetables in your diet. This PEERtrainer article explains the link between increased vegetable consumption and weight loss. You must do this in order to burn thigh fat.

Secondly, you must eat a diet that is optimized for fat burning, This PEERtrainer article explains all the steps needed to teach you how to burn fat. You need to make sure to reduce or remove sugar, burn more calories than you take in, and most importantly close your micronutrient gap. Again, eat more veggies no matter what.

If you do all these things in combination, you absolutely will burn thigh fat. Of course this is a very simple overview, but you'd be surprised just how powerful this approach is.

Some people think they just need to do a low carb diet to lose weight. Others think that as long as they are vegans or vegetarians they are ok. Others think that as long as they work out really hard nothing else matters. The key here is to really embrace all the approaches.

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