How To Get Better Looking Legs As You Age

The Three Pillars Of Getting Legs You Never Thought Possible!

Want Lean Legs? How to Avoid Bulk

If you want lean legs, you’re not alone. Though you might have been working out and trying to slim down, there’s a part of you that might be worried about bulking up instead of trimming down.

It’s true – the muscles in your legs are accustomed to being strong and large, ready to take on any activity. But when you want to look lean, you need to take a different approach to ensure you stay slim.

How Muscles are Built

Many people aren’t quite sure how muscles are built, so you might want to learn this in order to slow this process down. In truth, any exercise will increase your muscle mass since exercise helps to break down muscle fibers.

When the muscles are at rest between workouts, the fibers repair themselves, creating more muscle mass. In order to prevent bulk, you need to reduce the amount of rebuilding that will take place between workouts.

Here are some tips to make sure you avoid bulk:

• Try swimming - Swimming is non-impact, gentle on the joints, and simple to do. As DirectLife is waterproof simply attach it to your swimsuit to monitor your activity.

• Reduce your weights – If you’re interested in lifting weights to get into shape, but you want to avoid bulk, you need to reduce the weights you are lifting.

• Track your progress – By using a DirectLife activity monitor, you can track how much you’ve progressed from one workout to the next. When you consistently challenge yourself to do more, you will see better results – and more quickly.

• Follow body weight exercise routines – Following a Pilates or a yoga routine will help you strengthen your muscles without bulking them up. You will be stretching the muscles and strengthening them, keeping them long and lean on your body.

• Take rest days – You need to allow your body a chance to rest and to repair itself between workouts.

For some people, building bulk may be a part of their genetic makeup – and no matter what you do, you might build up more muscles than you may like. When this seems to be the case, even after following this advice, try bulking up the other parts of your body to create a symmetrical shape. For example, try lifting weights for your shoulders and upper body to make you look balanced and attractive.

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