Resistance Bands

A "Must Have" For Your Home Gym

Prior to very recently, the only piece of gym equipment I had in my house was a set of 25 pound dumbells. I think for the last ten years this has been the case. I used to live in New York, and went to a gym literally around the corner.  After leaving the city, I had no gym around the corner. Working out was really not something on the agenda until we started working with Joshua.

We started looking at a lot of different gear, mainly based on his recommendations.  A half a year later, I have definite preferences and a much stronger body. I feel great and the strength I have built is helping me run long distances. A key part of my daily routine is resistance band training. As many of you know, we looked around the market and discovered a company called Bodylastics. You can get a cheapo set of bands at Wal-Mart, but the Bodylastics products function as a full fledged home gym.

With Bodylastics, you can do about 80% of the strength exercises at the gym. There are many who assert as well that using resistance bands can give you a better workout than free weights. I wish I had taken before and after pictures of my shoulder muscles, you would see how this has worked for me in a short amount of time.

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Resistance Bands FAQ:

Are Resistance Bands Effective- Do They Really Work?

Anything that creates tension and resistance causes your muscles to adapt and transform. Resistance band sets like Bodylastics allow for a wide variety of tension levels.

How To Resistance Bands Compare Vs. Free Weights?

Your muscles are blind- they do not know what is causing the stress on them. With a set like Bodylastics, you can add as much resistance as you like. In some ways, resistance bands are actually more effective than free weights because as you stretch the band, the level of resistance increases. For a home gym, resistance bands have a huge advantage because of the small amount of space they take up.

Can You Burn Fat With Resistance Bands?

Anything that gets your heart rate up and helps your body burn calories and reduce sugar levels will help you burn fat. Resistance bands are especially helpful because they help the entire body workout.

If you do a simple set of squats and shoulder presses using resistance bands, you'll find that you can very easily work the entire body almost instantly. If you are looking for ways to burn fat, resistance bands combined with a low carb/high green vegetable diet are a great way to go.

What Are The Strongest Resistance Bands?

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