May 2008 PEERtrainer Community Thread Archive

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Do men get attracted to fat women? 101 Mon. Jun 2, 3:07pm
Mixing Supplements 3 Mon. Jun 2, 2:53pm
laptop and internet question 4 Mon. Jun 2, 2:50pm
OT, about debt 1 Mon. Jun 2, 2:43pm
1 Hour + Cardio 5 Mon. Jun 2, 2:31pm
What brought you happiness this week? 31 Mon. Jun 2, 2:02pm
So What do men really want in women? 16 Mon. Jun 2, 1:15pm
Is the Price of Gas cutting into your GYM TIME? 6 Mon. Jun 2, 12:55pm
Help... Guy's cheating 13 Mon. Jun 2, 12:18pm
Any Suggestions????? 8 Mon. Jun 2, 11:00am
Binge Eating 8 Mon. Jun 2, 10:10am
Wii Fit Rocks! 14 Mon. Jun 2, 9:20am
How to set PT for being on holiday? 1 Mon. Jun 2, 9:18am
Flaxseed and emotions 0 Mon. Jun 2, 8:24am
How To Recover From Workouts? 7 Mon. Jun 2, 3:23am
WW Core Plan? How many "extra" points per week? 3 Mon. Jun 2, 12:53am
Migraines = Binge Eating? 3 Sun. Jun 1, 11:25pm
Diastasis Recti 116 Sun. Jun 1, 9:27pm
my husband is gaining weight 6 Sun. Jun 1, 8:14pm
Good book suggestion? 30 Sun. Jun 1, 7:51pm
WTF???!!!! 7 Sun. Jun 1, 11:39am
Finishing Meals ??? ... 6 Sun. Jun 1, 11:06am
What's the "TEAM" etiquette.on whispering 3 Sun. Jun 1, 8:56am
SATC the Movie...seen it? Comments? Gushing? 4 Sun. Jun 1, 8:55am
Question for women who have had babies 7 Sat. May 31, 6:58pm
Looking for a good yoga program for beginners (plus-sized beginners!) 2 Sat. May 31, 6:38pm
Looking for other people with alot to loose. 0 Sat. May 31, 4:19pm
Spitting out food? 21 Sat. May 31, 2:16pm
anyone try the Bender Ball??? 17 Sat. May 31, 12:50pm
Does anyone else have this dilemma? 18 Sat. May 31, 12:31pm
Popcorn - Low Cal, But High Fat? Good or Bad Treat? 28 Sat. May 31, 11:20am
Depo shot 37 Sat. May 31, 10:51am
Anyone who likes to read... 0 Sat. May 31, 9:20am
What is it with all the shortcuts on email? u instead of you, r instead of are 30 Sat. May 31, 7:46am
Changes to public profile? 1 Fri. May 30, 7:25pm
A Group is Born! 0 Fri. May 30, 4:46pm
OT - IUD 9 Fri. May 30, 3:29pm
Good Informational Read ... 0 Fri. May 30, 2:25pm
Scared to lose weight? 19 Fri. May 30, 1:48pm
Long distance relationship question 9 Fri. May 30, 1:13pm
Sick of feeling like this 9 Fri. May 30, 12:27pm
June Start Group 2 Fri. May 30, 11:54am
Breast Implants 11 Fri. May 30, 11:34am
know any good diet pills? 34 Fri. May 30, 11:30am
What celebrity's figure do you most want? 28 Fri. May 30, 11:24am
Adult ADD/ADHD & Exercise 0 Fri. May 30, 10:57am
The purpose of Peer Trainer. 9 Fri. May 30, 9:58am
Want to be a Size 0? 71 Fri. May 30, 7:11am
New Member 1 Fri. May 30, 6:23am
Olay? 9 Thu. May 29, 9:38pm
TV watching trick ... 5 Thu. May 29, 8:09pm
Sleeping with your ex husband? 63 Thu. May 29, 5:38pm
home, and need to get out! 8 Thu. May 29, 3:56pm
newbies 0 Thu. May 29, 1:14pm
What are you having for lunch? 15 Thu. May 29, 12:34pm
How to fit in more veggies every day? 24 Thu. May 29, 12:30pm
Just b/c 6 Thu. May 29, 12:23pm
ALII USERS 5 Thu. May 29, 10:11am
Help! OHHH the GUILT 7 Thu. May 29, 9:20am
Peer Trainer.. 4 Wed. May 28, 10:08pm
The Real World- How Old Should Kids be to watch? 40 Wed. May 28, 9:02pm
Dinner ideas for weight loss 10 Wed. May 28, 7:19pm
I can't stand my future sister in law 44 Wed. May 28, 5:41pm
New Challenge begins June 1st 2 Wed. May 28, 2:50pm
Birth Control Weight Gain 150 Wed. May 28, 2:45pm
Join! :) 0 Wed. May 28, 2:39pm
Good lunch idea! 2 Wed. May 28, 2:31pm
Weight loss tactics, surgeries, and eating plans, etc. 0 Wed. May 28, 1:53pm
HELP ME! 7 Wed. May 28, 1:29pm
Server errors on PT? 12 Wed. May 28, 10:42am
How much do you weigh? How much do you wish you weighed? 155 Wed. May 28, 9:36am
Poll: how much weight did you gain at the end of your pregnancy? 60 Tue. May 27, 4:24pm
I can't make broccoli taste good. 13 Tue. May 27, 3:22pm
New Group for Brits and Brits living abroad. 1 Tue. May 27, 1:32pm
Epiphany: DIET vs. LIFESTYLE CHANGE 15 Tue. May 27, 9:32am
Child Vegetarian Problems 16 Tue. May 27, 8:23am
What size are you? 101 Tue. May 27, 7:28am
Avoiding night and mindless snacking - best tip 5 Tue. May 27, 7:25am
PT is asking you for your best Diet, Fitness, Health idea 3 Mon. May 26, 11:51pm
Lexapro and weight gain 6 Mon. May 26, 10:37pm
OPRAH GOES VEGAN! 18 Mon. May 26, 10:31pm
Good peer based on-line communities? 0 Mon. May 26, 2:48pm
Burning Lips? 5 Mon. May 26, 2:17pm
Pain while running 18 Sun. May 25, 3:46pm
Lose weight - Eat Less - Move More 0 Sun. May 25, 4:35am
OT- Why? 23 Sat. May 24, 8:28pm
a thread to share something you have accomplished. a dress size, a pound ,whatever you want to share 180 Sat. May 24, 7:51pm
Stomach pain 2 Sat. May 24, 3:52pm
how long have you been here at PT? 15 Sat. May 24, 2:28pm
Lost weight, but still feel gross? 4 Fri. May 23, 9:29pm
Body and Mind 0 Fri. May 23, 7:41pm
Does anyone take Armour Thyroid Medication? 82 Fri. May 23, 6:11pm
I want to go to graduate school but I'm older than the typical grad student 19 Fri. May 23, 6:03pm
Swimsuit for Large Breast? 10 Fri. May 23, 5:12pm
I don't handle stress well at all. I have a job interview tomorrow and I am freaking out. 7 Fri. May 23, 5:08pm
For Kellycat, Seejay, Nannette 0 Fri. May 23, 4:47pm
What's the healthiest cooking oil? 6 Fri. May 23, 4:07pm
protein shakes or other weight loss drinks 15 Fri. May 23, 3:55pm
How much do you want to lose vs. how much do you expect to lose 21 Fri. May 23, 2:34pm
Getting used to weighing myself this much 6 Fri. May 23, 2:10pm
I would like your opinion on Overpopulation and the Environment 43 Fri. May 23, 2:05pm
OT - I think I may have a crush on my therapist 9 Fri. May 23, 2:00pm
WW Activity Points question 2 Fri. May 23, 1:54pm
Fiber Pills 6 Fri. May 23, 12:56pm
weight watchers - not eating enough 9 Fri. May 23, 12:53pm
Anyone from Austin, TX? 8 Fri. May 23, 11:38am
Have you lost more then 50 lbs 8 Fri. May 23, 10:43am
My best friends getting a face lift! Ugh! 13 Fri. May 23, 10:35am
"cutting yourself" 100 Fri. May 23, 9:57am
If someone needed advice losing weight, what are the top three things you would tell them? 26 Fri. May 23, 9:39am
lose that baby phat 0 Fri. May 23, 2:17am
Sore nipples 43 Fri. May 23, 1:08am
Flax seed oil and weight loss 6 Thu. May 22, 10:57pm
body creams for toning? 0 Thu. May 22, 10:45pm
potato chips craving 11 Thu. May 22, 8:53pm
Don't discourage. 5 Thu. May 22, 8:45pm
Really Trying to Improve - and Failing 3 Thu. May 22, 7:00pm
your opinion about maintainers in your group... 6 Thu. May 22, 5:28pm
Slim fast? 55 Thu. May 22, 4:17pm
Pilates Figure... 3 Thu. May 22, 12:47pm
CAN YOU LOSE 100 LBS IN 1 YEAR -- IN A HEALTHY WAY? 40 Thu. May 22, 12:46pm
New weight watchers points formula 13 Thu. May 22, 12:42pm
Wii Fit 17 Thu. May 22, 11:29am
custom-made bra 1 Thu. May 22, 8:50am
Body measurements. 5 Wed. May 21, 9:50pm
new measles outbreak 4 Wed. May 21, 7:38pm
HHow long ago did you join PT and how much weight have you lost? 26 Wed. May 21, 4:29pm
I love red wine. 4 Wed. May 21, 4:14pm
I'm a former sales rep. Any good career ideas? 2 Wed. May 21, 3:21pm
share your clever inspirational slogans 130 Wed. May 21, 1:58pm
Guilt about overeating-- is there such thing as a healthy binge? 7 Wed. May 21, 1:43pm
Guilty Pleasures Anonymous: Potentially Off-Topic 26 Wed. May 21, 1:35pm
Good foundation recommendation? 2 Wed. May 21, 11:56am
Getting there... 1 Wed. May 21, 11:44am
OT- how much to tip hair stylist 47 Wed. May 21, 11:27am
Why are YOU worth fighting for? 7 Wed. May 21, 10:51am
Abnormal Pap Smear 51 Wed. May 21, 10:34am
I need to share something positive! 10 Wed. May 21, 10:34am
I can't stand when my husband criticizes me. 13 Wed. May 21, 8:59am
Farewell PT 5 Wed. May 21, 8:57am
ot: why Hillary is staying in the race... 23 Wed. May 21, 8:17am
Is there any way to keep your profile from showing up on google when someone types your username into google? 2 Wed. May 21, 7:45am
Getting Your Husband To Lose Weight 12 Wed. May 21, 7:41am
so tired. 3 Wed. May 21, 2:25am
Anyone in need of a Beck Diet Solution Diet Coach? 17 Wed. May 21, 2:21am
Lets all be positive 1 Tue. May 20, 9:38pm
Lets support and motivate eachother :) 0 Tue. May 20, 8:25pm
Weight Gain and Menopause 5 Tue. May 20, 7:18pm
Are You A WRITER of poetry or fiction? This is the place for you... 3 Tue. May 20, 4:32pm
Created new group for Connecticut Residents 2 Tue. May 20, 4:06pm
New Group 0 Tue. May 20, 4:00pm
vit. c deficiency on atkins / other low carb programs? 5 Tue. May 20, 2:45pm
Muscle vs. Endurance 2 Tue. May 20, 2:39pm
Are you in your mid 20"s? 0 Tue. May 20, 1:23pm
KNEE PROBLEMS 3 Tue. May 20, 12:04pm
Good exercise routines for bad knees 8 Tue. May 20, 9:16am
Need some advice from random strangers : ) 17 Tue. May 20, 8:59am
just starting 1 Tue. May 20, 2:28am
PT what am I doing wrong??? 3 Tue. May 20, 12:46am
water 26 Mon. May 19, 10:31pm
cedar plank salmon 2 Mon. May 19, 9:37pm
Back to Weight Watchers! 0 Mon. May 19, 9:36pm
Walking Everyday to work 20 Mon. May 19, 6:53pm
Shed that extra weight and get healthy! 0 Mon. May 19, 6:39pm
What do you need help with most? 10 Mon. May 19, 5:25pm
Muscletech Nitrotech ? ! ? 0 Mon. May 19, 3:25pm
OT - Mary Jane 36 Mon. May 19, 2:43pm
sunny d - "sunny delight" drink 6 Mon. May 19, 2:23pm
I have got to stop my addiction to checking my email - help! 4 Mon. May 19, 2:09pm
Weekends let me down 13 Mon. May 19, 1:15pm
Gay marriage in California 40 Mon. May 19, 1:02pm
Venezuelan moms who wants to keep motivated! 0 Mon. May 19, 12:56pm
Is Olive Oil Good For The Skin? 102 Mon. May 19, 12:35pm
OT - question for parents re: sleepovers ... 21 Mon. May 19, 11:32am
What celebrity do you want to look like? 17 Mon. May 19, 11:27am
OT - what do you think of Jen aniston and John mayer? 10 Mon. May 19, 10:27am
OT - Dark undereye circles. 5 Mon. May 19, 9:52am
I'm looking suggestions ... 3 Mon. May 19, 9:27am
~*~Taebo challenge ~*~ 0 Mon. May 19, 8:18am
PM binging 14 Mon. May 19, 2:01am
PT: please help 0 Sun. May 18, 10:39pm
Sexless Marriage 132 Sun. May 18, 9:02pm
Help!!! 9 Sun. May 18, 6:13pm
Please, 6 Sun. May 18, 5:05pm
has anyone used DrNatura colon cleanse? 20 Sun. May 18, 3:18pm
Member Invitation 0 Sun. May 18, 12:59pm
Member Invitation 0 Sun. May 18, 12:59pm
Does anyone else get offended by comments made after you lose weight? 9 Sun. May 18, 1:36am
Grocery store food 3 Sun. May 18, 12:00am
Broad rib cage/ thicker waist? 15 Sat. May 17, 4:24pm
Giving up on members? 7 Sat. May 17, 2:35pm
Do any of those fat burner pills help? 7 Fri. May 16, 11:33pm
getting a guy to lose weight 8 Fri. May 16, 10:27pm
I smashed my new car and I'm so upset - arrrrgghhhhh 5 Fri. May 16, 10:24pm
Fat knees... what do I do? 3 Fri. May 16, 8:51pm
Celulite 35 Fri. May 16, 6:18pm
Old threads 4 Fri. May 16, 5:42pm
Birth Control = No Sex Drive! 5 Fri. May 16, 5:42pm
OT: Universal Healthcare 51 Fri. May 16, 5:16pm
Medical condition 7 Fri. May 16, 4:10pm
Poll: Does your spouse/ significant other help or hinder you weight loss efforts? 4 Fri. May 16, 3:46pm
start now 17 may 2008 1 Fri. May 16, 3:35pm
Is anyone on the FAT SMASH DIET, BY DR IAN SMITH 158 Fri. May 16, 1:51pm
About the "search" feature on old threads - Just curious... 18 Fri. May 16, 12:58pm
old thread revivals 8 Fri. May 16, 12:58pm
old threads 12 Fri. May 16, 12:58pm
ok, cool find. You can now have the recipes of your favorite foods at your favorite restaurants 2 Fri. May 16, 11:40am
Running songs 56 Fri. May 16, 11:01am
Found husbands porn-what should I do? (possible offensive thread) 116 Fri. May 16, 10:30am
Problem in using PT 3 Fri. May 16, 2:10am
Lets makes weight loss fun and exciting. 0 Fri. May 16, 12:50am
where do i go? 12 Thu. May 15, 11:39pm
for people with high bloodpreasure 0 Thu. May 15, 8:14pm
America's Next Top Model!!!! 7 Thu. May 15, 6:38pm
Need a Log Partner 2 Thu. May 15, 4:03pm
Silicon Valley Connection - mid 20's 0 Thu. May 15, 1:58pm
what are the gas prices where you live? 22 Thu. May 15, 12:29pm
wu-long (oolong) tea? 14 Thu. May 15, 12:18pm
If tomatoes are a fruit then why is V8 not V7 2 Thu. May 15, 11:57am
My relationship is falling apart! 15 Thu. May 15, 10:39am
have you ever been called a .... 25 Thu. May 15, 9:45am
OT- How long after dating did you get engaged? 31 Thu. May 15, 7:34am
Complex ovarian cist, how normal is this really! 3 Wed. May 14, 10:08pm
Yelpers for a Healthy Lifestyle 2 Wed. May 14, 10:00pm
Broken Heart 11 Wed. May 14, 9:39pm
What Do You Do When You Are Craving Something? 20 Wed. May 14, 7:46pm
DONATING BLOOD 13 Wed. May 14, 5:51pm
Remember the prisoner who was "wasting away"? 3 Wed. May 14, 2:23pm
benefits of coconut water 3 Wed. May 14, 2:09pm
Flat belly Diet 0 Wed. May 14, 1:36pm
Wii Fit 5 Wed. May 14, 1:06pm
If you are serious, come join the group. 0 Wed. May 14, 1:02pm
Facebook? 10 Wed. May 14, 11:41am
How much do eat during a binge? 17 Wed. May 14, 11:33am
First on, last off theory? 1 Wed. May 14, 10:34am
How Many Calories To Eat Each Day? 22 Wed. May 14, 9:01am
losing weight 0 Wed. May 14, 8:20am
A Polite Letter To My Boobs... 27 Wed. May 14, 6:37am
post workout Jerk ? ? 2 Tue. May 13, 11:53pm
Favorite Starbucks Drink 14 Tue. May 13, 11:41pm
Low Thyroid (hypothyroidism) with no syptoms? 12 Tue. May 13, 11:39pm
weight training and pilates 5 Tue. May 13, 9:59pm
What is the best skin moisturizer? 32 Tue. May 13, 9:24pm
Diet Aids? 9 Tue. May 13, 6:03pm
All or nothing thinking? 18 Tue. May 13, 4:33pm
What goes through your mind before a binge? 12 Tue. May 13, 3:25pm
Do you take your own advice there coach? 5 Tue. May 13, 10:51am
Please help me 12 Tue. May 13, 10:20am
Leptovox? 0 Tue. May 13, 8:51am
Aug 4th (12 weeks from this monday) GOAL GROUP! 6 Mon. May 12, 10:10pm
anyone try fat smash diet 0 Mon. May 12, 9:59pm
welcome all 0 Mon. May 12, 9:55pm
Best of the "Whole Foods" brand - best whole foods 365 brand products 1 Mon. May 12, 9:44pm
Tegritol 0 Mon. May 12, 8:21pm
How much do you pay for a sitter? (2 children) 38 Mon. May 12, 7:37pm
OT: The Next President 39 Mon. May 12, 5:47pm
Fitflop, was on Good Morning America 7 Mon. May 12, 2:42pm
How much weight gain during PMS? 27 Mon. May 12, 2:30pm
Picky eaters unite! 2 Mon. May 12, 2:21pm
"I don't run to fit into my jeans this weekend; I run to fit into my jeans 10 years from now!" 0 Mon. May 12, 1:50pm
Period woes 1 Mon. May 12, 1:35pm
Johnson's Upday DownDay Diet ( 12 Mon. May 12, 1:30pm
Who would even want to live to 100 years old? 10 Mon. May 12, 1:09pm
AUG 4th 2008 GOAL GROUP II! 1 Mon. May 12, 11:50am
what is a serving size of sliced roast beef? 3 Mon. May 12, 11:40am
Exercising and Hungry! 19 Mon. May 12, 11:39am
OT- nationalized vs. private healthcare 20 Mon. May 12, 10:46am
Thoughts. 10 Mon. May 12, 10:28am
How do you know when to stop losing weight 21 Mon. May 12, 6:07am
Netflix fitness videos 0 Sun. May 11, 10:23pm
just curious what is your religion preference on peertrainer? 90 Sun. May 11, 10:20pm
Come one come all~I could use the support and I bet your could too! 0 Sun. May 11, 10:00pm
williams and sonoma 1 Sun. May 11, 6:46pm
Would anyone be up for meeting at a whole foods? 2 Sun. May 11, 1:48pm
How much should i lose? 8 Sat. May 10, 4:13pm
The Cookie Thief 1 Sat. May 10, 11:02am
Who Loves Dr. Fuhrman!! 3 Sat. May 10, 10:12am
Very Unhappy, Am going insane.... 15 Sat. May 10, 8:51am
Must haves for the kitchen for healthy eating 17 Sat. May 10, 1:11am
CRAP! Accidental Spoonage! 11 Fri. May 9, 9:52pm
Swimming... 49 Fri. May 9, 7:17pm
water intake according to your weight 10 Fri. May 9, 5:23pm
profile pic 1 Fri. May 9, 2:05pm
AUG 4th 2008 GROUP! 0 Fri. May 9, 1:14pm
Is this about you? 80 Fri. May 9, 6:02am
Kick up weight loss rate 9 Thu. May 8, 11:00pm
Post-run headaches 3 Thu. May 8, 10:52pm
AHHHH - just 3 more days ! ! ! 27 Thu. May 8, 9:30pm
Let's get motivated! 0 Thu. May 8, 9:22pm
Bok Choy Spaghetti: 1 Thu. May 8, 3:51pm
pictures - a life lesson 9 Thu. May 8, 3:26pm
Running skirts or shorts that don't "ride" 32 Thu. May 8, 2:14pm
Fiona 3 Thu. May 8, 1:32pm
OT: Any Texans own an Obra home? 3 Thu. May 8, 12:34pm
this video is SO on have to see it! 5 Thu. May 8, 12:20pm
SNAP Fitness Challenge 2 Thu. May 8, 9:33am
Animal milk vs vegetable 43 Thu. May 8, 6:13am
How should I feel? 2 Thu. May 8, 5:55am
Daily Gratitudes... 60 Thu. May 8, 5:50am
Sudden onset of dry facial skin 6 Thu. May 8, 1:02am
Support for Singles 0 Wed. May 7, 10:15pm
How much time should one allow before heading to bed after a workout? 4 Wed. May 7, 9:59pm
Calorie Question 3 Wed. May 7, 9:56pm
Wheat allergy 5 Wed. May 7, 8:03pm
ATTN RUNNERS 0 Wed. May 7, 6:25pm
Has anyone ever noticed that ... 9 Wed. May 7, 5:14pm
Chunky yet firm thighs but slender top half? 6 Wed. May 7, 4:56pm
Which body part(s) do you like. 15 Wed. May 7, 3:52pm
The Law of the Garbage Truck 5 Wed. May 7, 1:39pm
protein supplement 9 Wed. May 7, 1:01pm
Forgiveness 0 Wed. May 7, 9:51am
Cranky people on threads 27 Wed. May 7, 7:40am
Why does it seem comments are so rude lately? 111 Wed. May 7, 7:40am
Anonimity 8 Wed. May 7, 7:39am
Help me write a gluten-free shopping list 12 Tue. May 6, 11:37pm
Favorite workout DVD 13 Tue. May 6, 10:52pm
excellent article...I am worried 34 Tue. May 6, 10:07pm
New to peertrainer. 0 Tue. May 6, 9:40pm
New to peertrainer. 0 Tue. May 6, 9:40pm
Teachers - what do you most appreciate getting as a 'thank you?' 17 Tue. May 6, 8:04pm
LOWEST Calorie drinks 40 Tue. May 6, 6:06pm
what body shape do guys find most attractive? 43 Tue. May 6, 5:14pm
It's time to change and stick with it!! 0 Tue. May 6, 4:56pm
How do I get over something I've been self-conscious about my entire life?? 7 Tue. May 6, 2:38pm
Single, fat, divorced and alone 24 Tue. May 6, 10:31am
Groups that are teams 0 Tue. May 6, 9:35am
your favorite body part? 25 Tue. May 6, 8:55am
Soreness after lower body work. 5 Tue. May 6, 8:10am
cardio exercises for women with big chests 22 Tue. May 6, 1:08am
Where can I find the Weight Watchers Point List online? 13 Mon. May 5, 8:09pm
How much do you pay for a dog/cat sitter or house sitter? 4 Mon. May 5, 7:32pm
ahh moment 2 Mon. May 5, 5:19pm
30's are the new 20's, just tougher :) 0 Mon. May 5, 3:44pm
Climb mountains to lose weight and get fit! 0 Mon. May 5, 2:33pm
How do I add the weight ticker to my log??? 7 Mon. May 5, 2:23pm
For those who eat 100 calorie packs 19 Mon. May 5, 1:10pm
Feature request: See all logs in a grid 1 Mon. May 5, 11:51am
calorie burning 4 Mon. May 5, 11:44am
How toxic is sodium for your body? 7 Mon. May 5, 11:41am
Anyone lost a lot of weight and now pregnant? Wanna join me? 0 Mon. May 5, 10:42am
Is it possible to lose weight purely with increased exercise 7 Mon. May 5, 10:20am
Winsor Pilates - does it work? 34 Mon. May 5, 9:42am
Boyfriend in prison 6 Mon. May 5, 9:39am
Do i need to lose weight or do I ?eed to realise I have a problem. 7 Mon. May 5, 9:19am
Birth control 23 Sun. May 4, 9:38pm
Question about Trojan Horse 0 Sun. May 4, 3:24pm
Challenge starting May 1 ending July 31, 08 8 Sun. May 4, 11:55am
Weight Loss and Staying Fit 0 Sun. May 4, 12:12am
OT: goth people- why do they do it? 81 Sat. May 3, 9:15pm
Boca Burgers? 37 Sat. May 3, 8:18pm
Not a diet group.... 0 Sat. May 3, 12:16pm
Starvation Mode? 15 Sat. May 3, 10:14am
I did not know . . . Shredded Wheat ! ? ! 10 Sat. May 3, 9:17am
JOIN 2 Fri. May 2, 11:25pm
Pregnant & Smoking??? WTF??? 65 Fri. May 2, 11:14pm
help, i'm addicted to snacks 21 Fri. May 2, 10:29pm
Women are funny... 5 Fri. May 2, 10:25pm
Looking for a mother-daughter pair 1 Fri. May 2, 10:22pm
Sparkling Water 6 Fri. May 2, 10:17pm
POLL: What would you do?? 9 Fri. May 2, 10:10pm
Prisoner sues because he lost weight in jail. 31 Fri. May 2, 10:07pm
Setpoint? 8 Fri. May 2, 5:44pm
OT stessed out from buying new home and tryng to rent current 2 Fri. May 2, 5:22pm
Losing that last 10-20 and keeping it off 0 Fri. May 2, 10:18am
Losing that last 10-20 and keeping it off 0 Fri. May 2, 10:18am
weight Watchers 39 Fri. May 2, 5:36am
Wu-Yi Tea 2 Thu. May 1, 7:01pm
Mind Over Matter - Beck Diet Solution 9 Thu. May 1, 6:13pm
OT: How are you going green? 5 Thu. May 1, 4:43pm
It's been 15 days now and I don't know how to stop 21 Thu. May 1, 2:01pm
Have Diabetes and need support? 0 Thu. May 1, 1:31pm
Have Diabetes and need support? 0 Thu. May 1, 1:31pm
Ilio-tibial band friction syndrome 9 Thu. May 1, 12:43pm
The words of Mother Teresa 5 Thu. May 1, 11:41am
3 Meals one snack vs. Five small meals 14 Thu. May 1, 10:39am
our sponsor

What Is PEERtrainer??

If you are like most people, you know how to lose weight and get fit, but simply have a hard time following through. PEERtrainer was built to help you follow through, via daily logging and peer support. It is easy to get started--you log your food, exercise, thoughts each day. This takes about 5 minutes, and is a great habit to develop. You do this in small weight loss groups of 4 and larger "teams". The logging makes you much more aware of your habits. The group members read your logs and keep you motivated and supported. This tight integration of logging with free online weight loss support groups is very effective. It is also a unique and patent-pending process.

It is easy to get started on PEERtrainer.

1. You Sign Up. It is free.
2. Join Groups and Teams. If you don't find ones you like- Start One. Active Groups Fill Up Quickly, You Might Want To Start A Couple To Get The Perfect Mix of People.

Here Are Some Other Tips To Help You Be Successful:

3. Develop the Logging Habit. Daily logging is the cornerstone of effective weight loss, and engages you in a process called "self-monitoring." Basically a conversation with yourself each day.
4. If you are new to logging, only focus on that for the first few days. It takes a while to develop a new habit, and you want to start this process by breaking them down into easy, achievable goals.
5. Find active weight loss groups and teams. This is the SINGLE most important factor in the success of a group. Yes, you might want to find people with similar interests, geography, backgrounds etc-- but first and foremost find active members to facilitate weight loss in an online group.
6. If you don't, join This Team and you will be personally welcomed into PEERtrainer.
7. Start slow. Find achievable, short term goals. Whether you want to lose 50 pounds or train for a marathon, it is going to take time. Take your time. It will make it easier, you'll be more successful, and you'll have more fun.
8. Would you like some advice on how to get started losing weight? Click to Read this article which outlines the steps needed to achieve success.
9. The PEERtrainer "Aha Moment." The other members of your group or team can see and read your logs, and you see what you are eating. The first week on PEERtrainer is an eye opener for most people.
10. You can join as many groups as you want, our users suggest that three is a good number to be part of. The only thing we ask is to be positive and active in your groups.
11. You can invite friends directly into your group, through an "Invite a Friend" feature. Put in their email address, and they will be sent an invitation right to your group. When they sign up, they will be automatically placed in your group.

Finding the right mix of groups is well worth the effort. A broad support network is a powerful thing. If you want help getting started, email us or ask a question in the Community.

The PEERtrainer success formula-- log consistently, comment actively, commit to your'll most likely meet your diet and fitness goals. Once you get comfortable with logging and the small group interaction, you'll be hooked, and most likely find PEERtrainer to be highly effective.

Check out the Spotlight The PEERtrainer Spotlight contains three groups of four people each, logging and commenting publicly. This is a great way to see real people using PEERtrainer, and a great way to see the power of small groups interacting, where each person gets the focus they need. Its also a great way to see how different people approach weight loss, and how they are succeeding at it. It is very motivating. They are also a fun group of people!

The "Community" is a great resource. If you have created a new public group, post a note in the community. You'll get some active and helpful participants. If you are looking for a group to join, post a note and people will tell you about groups that would be a fit. The community is a great place to ask almost any question, no matter how personal. Most likely you'll get great answers. The PEERtrainer community is very welcoming to new users.

New To PEERtrainer groups and teams. PEERtrainer moderates online weight support groups for new users for free. It is a great place to get started, and get the online diet support you need. You will interact with a PEERtrainer coach whose job is to get you going. The coach will check in at least once a day, and will answer any question thrown at them. Many of our users find these groups very helpful at the beginning. To find a group, put in your zip code in "Find/Create a Group" and you will find one for your area.

Share as much info as possible. Brainstorm about different diets and fitness programs. You'll be surprised at how knowledgeable your peers are.

Mix and match. You don't need to follow the same diet or have the same weight-loss goals as your PEERtrainer group members. Not everyone wants to be Hollywood skinny, for instance. The common denominator is a shared fitness goal. Having a good mix of members may expose you to ideas you never considered.

If your group's just not clicking, you're only a few clicks away from a PEERtrainer group that's a better fit. Just like in dating, not everyone is compatible.

Your group members count on you and vice versa. Put some thought and encouragement into your comments. It'll pay off, especially when Ben & Jerry are calling your name!

Like any fitness regimen, commitment equals success. For the best chance to reach your fitness target, and to help your PEERtrainer members achieve theirs, we recommend you log on at least 4 times a week. If you haven't logged in a group in 7 days, you are removed from the group and a private group is created with your information. You can join another group or invite your friends when you're ready to be active again!

How To Lose Weight: 10 Ideas That Will Set The Stage For Long Term and Healthy Weight Loss Success

Successful weight loss is hard work and takes time. It takes a sustained physical and mental effort. Most well known diets do not work, but substantial changes in one's diet work very well. This article outlines proven advice and approaches to losing weight and keeping it off long term.

1. Figure Out The Real Reason Why You Want To Lose Weight.

If you've been thinking about losing the last 10 pounds or the first 50 pounds, it's most likely been on your mind for a very long time. Why are you here reading this now? Did you have a scary doctors visit? Were you unable to run after your child today? Did you find yourself getting ready for work today and having every single pair of pants be tight? Did you see yourself in a family picture? Are you dating someone that is healthier than you and its inspired you? What is the real reason? Having that reason is the single most important part of your journey because your journey will get difficult. Very difficult. You will be doing very well for a week or two, but then the challenge sets in. Stress, family and work demands will set in. Someone will say something offensive to you and will knock you off your game. You will be at a friends birthday party and everyone will be having food and cake and you'll want some too. If you have that reason, that core motivator of why you're doing this, it will be a powerful tool to help you get through the rough time and get back on track.

2. Write it Down and Have a Way to Measure Your Progress

Once you have the reason, take that reason and put it into a goal and have a weekly plan to stay accountable. Do you hate the scale? That's ok, maybe one day you will make friends with it. In the meantime, buy a measuring tape and take your measurements weekly and chart your progress that way. Find something that works for you, whether it's an old pair of jeans that you try on once a week, a measuring tape, a scale, your partners eyes, whatever it is and measure your progress.

It's important for you to see progress so that you stick with your plan. You're running a marathon and if you don't see the miles tick off as you get closer to the finish line, how are you going to know that what you're doing is working? Logging your goals, your progress and your daily habits will show you what is working and most importantly, give you the confidence to keep up your good work. Your first week on PEERtrainer is critical if you have never logged before. Once you develop the habit, you'll be hooked on a very good habit.

3. Get a Support System

Support works. Who is around you daily to give you help being accountable for weight loss? Are they supportive of your quest for a healthy lifestyle? Would it be better for them if you stayed 30 pounds heavier? Is your friend secretly happier that she's the thinner one who gets more attention? Is your husband secretly happy that you're overweight so he doesn't have to deal with his own weight problem? This is a tough endeavor why make it harder with people who don't support you, or people who want to support you but unconsciously make it harder for you? No, it's not realistic to leave your family or roommate or best friend if they aren't supportive of your weight loss efforts. But you can find people, en masse, that will be supportive of your goals.

PEERtrainer is an excellent place for support; you can be as anonymous as you want to be and they are in the boat with you. They haven't heard it all before and they aren't sick of your weight problem. Find groups that support your efforts and most importantly support the efforts of others in the groups. Be helped but also be an inspiration. If a group stops working for you, don't use it as an excuse to quit. Find another group; it might help you even more than your last one. What you'll also find is that as you succeed, others succeed along with you. Even your friends will start to have a salad eventually as they see you persevere. If you're a mom, your children will develop healthy habits that they'll have for a lifetime.

4. Take a baby step: Commit to one change, for only 7 days.

When people start to get a hold of their weight loss efforts and their health, suddenly they want to change everything. They want to switch from huge pasta bowls with cheese and watching TV to only eating salads, fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and running/strength training every day. Additionally, they commit to drinking 8 glasses of water a day, 8 hours of sleep along with taking a mulitvitamin along with 5 other personal goals, and only then, they feel like they're ready to get started. This kind of thinking usually sets you up for failure.

Take on one challenge and start small. Maybe its something like, this week, I will not eat chocolate. Only commit to one thing. If other healthy habits start to take hold, that's fine. But commit to only one challenge. This usually prevents being overwhelmed and subsequently, saying, I just can't do this. As you begin to master that challenge, write it down daily. Day 1, no chocolate! , Day 2, no chocolate. On day 5, you start to feel really good about your ability to make a positive habit happen and that gives you confidence to tackle the next step. Once you feel like you've mastered that challenge, then you can move on to the next one.

5. Don't Believe the Myth That You Can and Will Lose 2 pounds a week.

This myth has set up many people for disappointment. I've seen people lose a pound a week and be disappointed in themselves. Every body is different and one sushi dinner can up the scale by 3 pounds. You'll lose a couple pounds one week, one pound the next week and sometimes you'll gain a pound the following week. What is important is the trend. You didn't gain the weight in a measured fashion of 2 pounds per week, you're not going to lose it in the same way. Recognize the trend and chart your progress week to week to notice the overall loss. I've seen very successful weight loss efforts with diligent plans have an average loss of 5 pounds a month.

6. Question Everything You've Learned Up To This Point

Realize that you are different and your emotional triggers are different. A visit to your mother in law may send you into a tailspin while someone else may have no problem. No one source of information is the end all. It takes several tools, and those tools need to be customized to you for you to be successful. Be open to ideas. Just because an idea goes against everything you've heard your whole life, doesn't mean it's wrong. It could be right. The more you question your current base set of knowledge, and the more you're open to the information being shared around you, the more chances you have being successful. After all, your current set of knowledge didn't take you to the successful place you want to be. Learn and listen to those around you.

7. Learn What a Portion Size Really Is.

Your stomach is about the size of your fist. Most plates of dinner served at a restaurant are twice, sometimes three times the size of this. Make it a buffet and you could be eating a portion that is 6 times the size of your stomach. An appetizer is usually a sensible portion size for your stomach. Use the palm of your hand to get a good sense of how much protein you should eat at any given meal. Make the rest of the plate full of vegetables. When it comes to dessert, the three bite rule is unparalleled for satisfaction and portion control. If you want dessert, have three bites. There is no dessert that is forbidden, and you'll find that after the three bites, you're mindlessly eating. Once you try this a few times, you'll see how easy it is to maintain.

8. Why Everyone Says To Eat Your Vegetables and Why You Should.

The basic deal is that the bulk of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. All the nutrients you need aren't in dairy, meat and processed bread. One of the reasons that people overeat is because of nutrient deficiency. The nutrient deficiency that is created by the lack of fruits and vegetables tells the body, "keep eating." I haven't gotten the nutrients I need yet. So you eat and you eat and you eat but the body still hasn't gotten what it needs. It's still looking for the nutrients only available in fruits and vegetables. Did you know that a serving of beans (legumes) has the same amount of protein as a serving of meat? The calories are also the same, but the fat content of beans is negligible. The fiber content of beans is extremely high. Meat is the exact opposite. The most important part though, is that beans will fill you up even more so than a hamburger. Try it and you will be amazed. What if you don't like fruits and vegetables? Take out a pen and list all the vegetables you've heard of and we'll bet there are a few you like. Artichokes? Corn? Cucumber? You don't have to eat a different one a day. Find a few you like, and start to incorporate them in your diet. You'll find, as time goes on and you get suggestions of ways to prepare them from others, you'll start to try different ones. Just get the habit formed with ones you like and your body will start to build up its nutrient reserves.

9. Get Moving.

You hear it all the time, take the steps instead of the escalator. Park your car in the far lot. Take a walk to the other side of the office instead of sending an email. Studies show that you don't have to get the whole 30 minutes in at one time to enjoy the benefits of oxygen moving through your system. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there adds up over the course of the day. If you're having trouble getting to the gym, commit to 5 minutes. Usually the tough part of working out is just getting there; once you're there, you'll usually finish your entire workout. Don't like the gym because it's too expensive or inconvenient or you generally just feel self conscious about your body? It's extraordinary how many other options now exist. Fit TV has all day fitness programming that makes it as easy as turning on your TV and moving your coffee table to get 30 minutes in. Are you a stay at home mom? Now there are fitness classes that are designed for you and your baby; you can take them with you! What if you just don't like it, no matter what you've tried? There are plenty of things that you have to do in life that you don't like, but you have to do it anyway because of the result. Just commit to 5 minutes, just for the day and develop the habit. You actually might start to like it.

10. Don't Give Up!

The only way that you fail at losing weight - or anything in life - is by giving up. It's unfortunate when you watch someone give up because it's precisely at that point that they need to push through. It's easy to give up when you hit a plateau. It's easy to give up when you've had a bad weekend of eating and hanging out on the sofa. But what happens is devastating; all the work that you put in to lose 5 pounds, after you go off track takes weeks, sometimes months, just to get back to that original 5 pound loss. Plateaus don't mean it's time to give up; they mean its time to change your approach. Overeating all weekend isn't a sign to bail; it's a sign to examine what situation brought about that trigger, to learn and figure out ways to cope next time. Every situation is a chance to learn how to cope and how to use those skills in other areas that are as important as your weight loss and your health. The last 5% of every journey is usually the hardest. Don't ever, ever, ever give up. Your family needs you. Your friends need you. You are too important to give up on. Re-read your reason for why you're doing this in the first place and just keep on going.