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Does anyone out there have Ilio-tibial band friction syndrome?
I've had it more than half my life, since I was 12. I was very active before and I haven't been able to do anything impact since. I was on crutches for 9 months, had several rounds of anti-inflammatories, several cortisone-novocaine injections, and more than 2 years of physical therapy. I'm able to function now, but sometimes I step wrong, my band snaps, and I can barely walk for several days. I want to get the surgery to lengthen the band, but I can't find a doc who'll do it. Also, my oldest neice, who is 12 years old now was just diagnosed with it. I can't imagine that ITBS would be genetic, but talk about coincidence! Does anyone have any experience with ITBS? Thanks in advance.
The words of Mother Teresa
People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway. If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway. What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.
3 Meals one snack vs. Five small meals
Anyone want to weigh in on this? I have had people tell me that I should eat three meals a day, well-rounded, no processed white flour, no sugar, no snacks. I have also heard that five, small meals a day seem to work well. I understand that one may treat poor behavioral eating problems and the other may treat metabolic dieting issues, but my question is, which is best for someone trying to lose weight? Im fairly active, 24, and willing to eat healthy.
If someone needed advice losing weight, what are the top three things you would tell them?
It would depend upon where the person is starting. My advice would be different for someone who has a lot of weight to lose vs. 10 pounds. Generally, though - 1) Become aware of calories and portion sizes 2) Include resistance training in your exercise 3) Drink lots of water (for lots of reasons, among them to avoid liquid calories!) What's your story, OP? Where are you starting? Are you brand new to this? Have you been spinning your wheels for awhile? Where do you need direction? I find a good weight loss book to be quite helpful and motivating, too. What kind of approach do you like - no excuses? (Business Plan for the Body by Jim Karas) direct but gentle? (anything by Bob Greene)
interesting "ideal body weight" calculator
I stumbled upon this a minute ago. It calculates using a few different formulas and even an average of what other people of your height and ago describe as their ideal weight.
I don't have just any ordinary fat... I have the good stuff, I have brand name fat, such as Thunder Thighs , Cellulite , Baby Belly , and the always popular Double Chin!!! You could pay hundreds working your way through fast food joint after fast food joint OR you can come by and get it NOW and FREE!!!
Rice Cakes - Is there anything wrong with loving them?
I love rice cakes, I mean just the plain, large white, no salt no seasoning rice cake. I find that when I am starting to get hungry they take the edge of. What I am wondering is , is there anything counter beneficial to weight loss in the cake?
Fat is expensive -- more reasons to lose it!
You know that old saying, that all things being equal fat people use more soap than thin people? Well, here are some more savings (Soap, after all, is cheap!) on things like gasoline for the car and clothing, in addition to the medical costs we already know about. I could save $4000/yr by losing weight!
OT- dating a sexual abuse survivor
My girlfriend was abused as a child and is haunted by it as an adult. We have not had sex in years. We live more as room mates. However, we are very emotionally close , just no sex. The funny thing is , people who meet us probably assume we have a great sex life because we seem like such a happy couple. We use to have a very active sex life when we first started dating. However, as we grew emotionally closer , our sex life gradually ground to a halt. I really blamed myself for this in the beginning. My self esteem took a nosedive and I gained weight. Anyway, not sure if it's because I'm in therapy now or I have lost weight , but I'm starting to realize I really miss having a sex life. The problem ? I really do love my girlfriend and can't imagine not spending my life with her. However, I'm starting to think it isn't healthy for me to give up my sexual desire for the person I love. My girlfriend is also in therapy now, and I can really tell a difference in her. However, the sex life is still not happening. And I can't even bring it up with her. I just don't know what to do. I feel so torn. I want to have a sex life , to feel desired. However, I'm not sure how long it will take for my girlfriend to be able to have a healthy sex life. Any advice would help ! thanks. :)
I would like your opinion on Overpopulation and the Environment
Do you think overpopulation is an issue in today's world or the world of the future generations? I'm nuetral, more or less, on this point, but am curious as to whether anyone here has thought about this, and/or think it bears further consideration.
Eat breakfast if you want a baby boy?
Here's an interesting study: Women who eat more and specifically those who eat breakfast seem to have a greater chance of concieving a boy than those who restrict calories and skip breakfast.
this is the Trans weight loss team
Are you Transgenderd and find that other teams just don't fit with your needs...join the trans weight loss team and loose thos extra hormone pounds...WE CAN DO IT!
For those that are in transition and need extra support
looking for an active group! my searches come out with only 1 result??!
Model Diet
Question for those on Weight Watchers
advice on friendship
OT - good songs for wedding reception dance mix
pants sizes are strange
Pilates for working women
Does anyone take Armour Thyroid Medication?
best weight loss advice/tips
New York Requiring Calorie Info on Menus
Ideas on easy calorie counting?
Is anyone willing to weigh in once per week by Skype or oovoo video call with me?
anyone starting BFL challenge soon?
All my pretty Nalgene bottles....
Turbo Jam coupon
Interesting article from the "Broadsheet" column on
What do you eat before working out?
Rice shortage
it's going to be a high calorie evening!!!
Help. I'm New
Diet Soda Takes Another Beating
Losers wanted in Temecula, Murrieta & Southwest Riversid e County
Some how I lost 8 lbs in 5 days
5 year party
Spitting out food?
Why exactly does water help you lose weight?
I love this community board
Seriously. WHY do men lie?????? Why??????????
I want to give up. 11
After the big bet how long should I PIG OUT?
Have bra cup sizes changed?
do you shave your legs?
PMS cravings- it ain't all in your mind!
O/T lump on back of neck
Hooray for pickles !
My two diet destroyers--Got tips?
I feel disgusting!!!
daily percentages
anyone try the Bender Ball???
Abs Diet (Looking for some feedback on it) Not much on the old threads.
Yeast Imbalance?
White Strech Marks?
Getting there...
Happy Secretaries Day...
Please Stop Harassing People For Starting New Threads On Old Subjects
Any good lunch ideas?
losing weight after birth control
advice about the viciousness of girls cliques for my daughter
What is the best shampoo & conditioner?
Kosher Coke
Interval Advice (running)
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McDonalds does use MSG. I knew it! MSG is in all hamburgers. Read on. 6 Sun. Apr 20, 6:21am
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Looking for Support 0 Sat. Apr 19, 10:12pm
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Oats versus oats 23 Thu. Apr 17, 3:59pm
Botox in the brain 1 Thu. Apr 17, 3:57pm
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is nutrisystem any good for long term weight loss? 4 Tue. Apr 15, 4:02pm
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Im addicted to sugar... How do I fight that craving? 12 Tue. Apr 15, 3:21pm
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Low-Cal Pizza Recommendations? 27 Tue. Apr 15, 12:02pm
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for the teens who just want to have fun and be healthy and all that great stuff 0 Mon. Apr 14, 8:34pm
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Bob Evans salad?! Wtf? 3 Mon. Apr 14, 11:55am
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Going GREEN! Crazy phenom??? 15 Mon. Apr 14, 12:10am
For the love of God...Who breaks their diet on "peeps" 8 Sun. Apr 13, 10:08pm
school lunches made me sick so I didn't eat and my teachers thought I was anaorexic 15 Sun. Apr 13, 7:58pm
Does anyone know anything about the Jen Fe Weight Loss patch? 1 Sun. Apr 13, 3:16pm
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I fit into my old wedding dress!!!! 8 Sat. Apr 12, 12:24am
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What's your favorite charity? 26 Thu. Apr 10, 1:44pm
Yummy Food Smells! 1 Thu. Apr 10, 1:27pm
I became instant semi-vegetarian after watching an autopsy// 4 Thu. Apr 10, 12:51pm
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Nutritional Info Displayed 7 Tue. Apr 8, 10:04pm
Jill Scheiren 1 Tue. Apr 8, 9:18pm
watch those nutrition labels!! 5 Tue. Apr 8, 9:17pm
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Food Prices giving anyone else anxiety at checkout? 11 Tue. Apr 8, 5:38pm
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Paul McKenna's I can make you thin 30 Tue. Apr 8, 1:10pm
Does anyone's Doctor Scale actually take pounds off? 9 Tue. Apr 8, 12:39pm
Not fasting... but kinda REALLY fasting 17 Tue. Apr 8, 10:30am
Free Smoothies at Jamba Juice 4/8 2 Tue. Apr 8, 10:30am
In need of some help 26 Tue. Apr 8, 9:51am
off topic- KU FANS- GO JAYHAWKS!!! 2 Tue. Apr 8, 7:00am
calling all members :) 0 Mon. Apr 7, 9:48pm
What's the healthiest cooking oil? 6 Mon. Apr 7, 9:18pm
How to Weigh Food 18 Mon. Apr 7, 9:13pm
How Weight Loss Really Works 14 Mon. Apr 7, 5:25pm
How much did you gain while pregnant with your first baby? 68 Mon. Apr 7, 3:59pm
Psychology of Food 18 Mon. Apr 7, 3:46pm
Oprah.... 79 Mon. Apr 7, 2:38pm
NOT OT ! ! - Movies 3 Mon. Apr 7, 2:25pm
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20 - 25 year olds?? 3 Sun. Apr 6, 5:32pm
Is the bike worth it? 18 Sat. Apr 5, 9:19pm
RMR TEST RESULTS ????? 8 Sat. Apr 5, 6:35pm
need members who are comitted! 2 Sat. Apr 5, 6:12pm
How many groups are you in? 23 Sat. Apr 5, 1:37pm
weight loss and facial wrinkles 4 Sat. Apr 5, 1:03pm
What's your body image? 1 Sat. Apr 5, 1:00pm
wheat germ, flax seed, others? 5 Sat. Apr 5, 9:42am
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THE GROUP CHALLANGE!!! 4 Fri. Apr 4, 2:11pm
Eating Organic For $7 A Day 10 Fri. Apr 4, 12:27pm
Should you take a multi-vitamin at a young age? 1 Fri. Apr 4, 11:23am
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Flat Butt - How to make it more shapely? 12 Thu. Apr 3, 3:50pm
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500 calories per day 47 Thu. Apr 3, 10:21am
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Biggest Obstacles...and how do you overcome? 1 Mon. Mar 31, 11:56pm
Work blocked this site! 7 Mon. Mar 31, 10:31pm
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Spring Spirit Challenge! 4 Fri. Mar 28, 9:01pm
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Starting a summer challenge - ends 6/20/08! 1 Fri. Mar 28, 10:17am
Progestin Advice (not for the easily offended) 16 Fri. Mar 28, 9:56am
How much time a day do you spend exercising? 19 Fri. Mar 28, 9:01am
they said what???!! part deux 57 Fri. Mar 28, 8:46am
Would you ever pay $800 a month for a car payment? 13 Fri. Mar 28, 3:06am
help with my back 5 Thu. Mar 27, 6:34pm
Exercise Level and Routine 2 Thu. Mar 27, 2:19pm
Heart Rate Monitors 8 Thu. Mar 27, 11:36am
heart rate monitors 13 Thu. Mar 27, 11:35am
AHHHHHH - carbs ! - 3 Thu. Mar 27, 11:30am
Now here's some more motivation to lose the tummy! 7 Thu. Mar 27, 11:28am
Jack LaLane Juicer ? ? 8 Thu. Mar 27, 11:15am
What is the best heart rate monitor? 2 Thu. Mar 27, 11:12am
looking to loose at least 30 lbs... help please 24 Thu. Mar 27, 10:34am
I am always HERE! 2 Thu. Mar 27, 9:45am
i dont know what to do 17 Thu. Mar 27, 8:59am
OT but need a little advise 10 Thu. Mar 27, 8:46am
Birth Control Weight Gain 148 Wed. Mar 26, 10:24pm
Help! Heart Rate Question 7 Wed. Mar 26, 7:04pm
Is a college class ring worth the money? 16 Wed. Mar 26, 7:02pm
Met My Goal - Gaining it Back! 4 Wed. Mar 26, 7:00pm
Volumetrics (check out the two links for more info) 3 Wed. Mar 26, 4:39pm
Daily Fat Intake 2 Wed. Mar 26, 3:49pm
Come and join us! 1 Wed. Mar 26, 2:39pm
Come and join us! 1 Wed. Mar 26, 2:38pm
Sides 7 Wed. Mar 26, 12:06pm
New Group- Anyone trying to balance work and part time school? 3 Wed. Mar 26, 12:02pm
single and lonely 19 Wed. Mar 26, 11:51am
Eat the same few meals over and over again 24 Wed. Mar 26, 10:34am
OT but relationship advice needed. 16 Wed. Mar 26, 9:00am
You can Do ALL things.... 0 Wed. Mar 26, 8:56am
lose 20 lbs 2 Wed. Mar 26, 4:09am
Getting Started 0 Wed. Mar 26, 3:08am
come on guys 0 Wed. Mar 26, 3:05am
Is it possible to increase my husbands sex drive? 14 Wed. Mar 26, 2:23am
I LOVE grapefruit 5 Wed. Mar 26, 1:05am
I HATE GRAPEFRUIT 13 Wed. Mar 26, 12:29am
Feeling disgusting and bloated 7 Wed. Mar 26, 12:14am
Women - PMS and water weight gain solutions? 7 Tue. Mar 25, 6:56pm
I need a break from being a mom 19 Tue. Mar 25, 3:26pm
Personal trainers suck!
Coke ZERO !
Chocolate Bunnies, Peeps, Cakes, Oh my!
Breast Cancer Gene
am thinking of getting tested for the Breast Cancer Gene. My mom and her sister have had breast cancer. My mom has been cancer free for about 11 years. If I were to test positive I would probably choose the surgical route and get both breasts and my lymph nodes removed. I was wondering if anyone had been tested and what the cost was like. Thanks in advance for your help.
Fish recipes 16 Tue. Mar 25, 1:02pm
pranayama versus qigong 0 Tue. Mar 25, 12:09pm
Do you like active posters? 0 Tue. Mar 25, 12:02pm
Do you like active posters? 0 Tue. Mar 25, 12:01pm
Office PT Group! 0 Tue. Mar 25, 11:50am
Office PT Group! 0 Tue. Mar 25, 11:50am
Office Job? Always on PT 5 Tue. Mar 25, 11:29am
I am trying to lose weight for th1000th time! Any suggestions 14 Tue. Mar 25, 9:57am
Diet Coke Zero 21 Tue. Mar 25, 9:36am
Food is on my mind 8 Tue. Mar 25, 9:31am
I do not want to go to my sister in laws wedding. 14 Tue. Mar 25, 7:53am
Looking for 3 other talkers! 5 Mon. Mar 24, 8:56pm
Rental Movie Reviews 5 Mon. Mar 24, 6:38pm
Yeast infection! 6 Mon. Mar 24, 3:09pm
Trying to get abs 0 Mon. Mar 24, 12:17pm
Am I just really silly? 12 Mon. Mar 24, 11:10am
Help I have been overeating 3 Mon. Mar 24, 10:41am
Any ideas of how to get rid of a musty smell in an old house? 2 Mon. Mar 24, 10:35am
is a strict vegetarian diet healthy? 4 Mon. Mar 24, 9:29am
Thin by June? 7 Sun. Mar 23, 7:43pm
Mirror, Mirror 9 Sun. Mar 23, 11:20am
Totally OT but.... 11 Sun. Mar 23, 9:09am
Valerie Bertinelli 7 Sun. Mar 23, 8:46am
Kidz 4 Him 2 Sun. Mar 23, 3:38am
Why do people lie? 2 Sun. Mar 23, 12:23am
exciting news 6 Sat. Mar 22, 11:20pm
not sure!!? 1 Sat. Mar 22, 9:57pm
Pedometer- HOW MANY STEPS IN A MILE???? 16 Sat. Mar 22, 8:37pm
Any experience with COPD? 2 Sat. Mar 22, 3:23pm
YEAST INFECTIONS !!! (HELP) 17 Sat. Mar 22, 3:10pm
New team for Over 50 with Autoimmune disorders 0 Sat. Mar 22, 2:27pm
Michelenas lean frozen dinners 4 Sat. Mar 22, 1:48pm
Are you working on following the best eating plan for your age and health concerns? 0 Sat. Mar 22, 1:20pm
The ORAC Scale 7 Sat. Mar 22, 12:16pm
Treadmill and elliptical question 6 Sat. Mar 22, 10:49am
Average woman's head size (Poll). 3 Sat. Mar 22, 12:28am
Violet . . . good name for a new baby girl? 31 Fri. Mar 21, 11:21pm
a thread to share something you have accomplished. a dress size, a pound ,whatever you want to share 179 Fri. Mar 21, 8:51pm
I am soooo tired 20 Fri. Mar 21, 7:57pm
laugh and lose 0 Fri. Mar 21, 7:38pm
Is there such thing as a good tasting strawberry? 15 Fri. Mar 21, 4:57pm
PSA: if you order a PEERtrainer tshirt 6 Fri. Mar 21, 2:40pm
Your biggest downfall - defeated ! ? ! 5 Fri. Mar 21, 1:46pm
Eliminate Elliptical? 8 Fri. Mar 21, 1:41pm
Flat Belly Diet 7 Fri. Mar 21, 10:50am
Hate my skinny friends 24 Fri. Mar 21, 9:57am
. . . good name for a new baby BOY? 12 Fri. Mar 21, 9:08am
Hollywood Diet?? 20 Fri. Mar 21, 12:48am
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Touching... 6 Thu. Mar 20, 8:06pm
My boyfriends says I am not allowed to eat fiber anymore. 11 Thu. Mar 20, 5:52pm
Odwalla Superfood & V8 5 Thu. Mar 20, 5:08pm
PEERtrainer Lost & Found 2 Thu. Mar 20, 3:45pm
Work Lunch 5 Thu. Mar 20, 12:46pm
Low Carb/Wheat Free Group 0 Thu. Mar 20, 11:55am
Favorite Trader Joe's Food? 32 Thu. Mar 20, 10:17am
Gravy, or No Gravy??? 9 Thu. Mar 20, 9:48am
utah hikers 0 Thu. Mar 20, 12:55am
Reduce my workouts? 20 Thu. Mar 20, 12:09am
Question about how to motivate a man to take care of health 11 Wed. Mar 19, 10:13pm
does strict calorie counting penalize eating fruits and vegetables 17 Wed. Mar 19, 9:27pm
I don't have health insurance (I'm self employed) and it drives me nuts - help 32 Wed. Mar 19, 6:56pm
Cereals 14 Wed. Mar 19, 5:41pm
do quality foods fill you up? 9 Wed. Mar 19, 5:29pm
Shiritaki noodles 11 Wed. Mar 19, 3:44pm
College food??? YUCK! 1 Wed. Mar 19, 2:01pm
Getting in shape 0 Wed. Mar 19, 1:32pm
Flat pedometer 2 Wed. Mar 19, 1:29pm
No Kids? Under 30? New Group? 12 Wed. Mar 19, 11:58am
Weight Watchers Meetings 4 Wed. Mar 19, 11:16am
pregnant and feeling fat! 16 Wed. Mar 19, 10:42am
Lower Abs Exercises 5 Wed. Mar 19, 10:14am
HELP! I need workout tips to make my 'booty' rounder 12 Wed. Mar 19, 10:11am
IS IT THE GYM OR A MEAT MARKET 18 Wed. Mar 19, 9:49am
I'm Needing a New Group or Team focused on Low Carb 5 Wed. Mar 19, 8:46am
Cat Bites, Dog Bites, and Other Animal Bites 7 Tue. Mar 18, 10:10pm
Anyone taking "A New Earth" class with Oprah and Tolle? 12 Tue. Mar 18, 9:10pm
quick fix 11 Tue. Mar 18, 8:23pm
women and muscles 5 Tue. Mar 18, 5:31pm
Help for Hypothyroidism 5 Tue. Mar 18, 5:25pm
Burger King Breakfast Burritos 27 Tue. Mar 18, 5:21pm
Work outs are a waste of time? 52 Tue. Mar 18, 5:17pm
Help! Easter Dessert Recipes... 5 Tue. Mar 18, 3:21pm
Vacation Diet Suggestions 18 Tue. Mar 18, 3:15pm
too much focus on protein in the diet? 3 Tue. Mar 18, 12:19pm
PT Groups 0 Tue. Mar 18, 12:11pm
5k race? 14 Tue. Mar 18, 12:05pm
good fruit salad ideas 3 Tue. Mar 18, 10:34am
The dreaded plateau 8 Tue. Mar 18, 9:46am
Ways to eat more vegetables: what do you do? 46 Tue. Mar 18, 9:08am
can u learn tai chi from dvd 0 Tue. Mar 18, 5:19am
Booze 11 Tue. Mar 18, 4:09am
The Dread Diet Plateau 10 Tue. Mar 18, 12:28am
Chinks in the armor 4 Tue. Mar 18, 12:04am
Weight loss denial 10 Mon. Mar 17, 10:24pm
how do i break out of weight loss plateau 6 Mon. Mar 17, 7:56pm
I've hit a wall; Has this happened to U? 17 Mon. Mar 17, 7:53pm
How do you motivate yourself when you have hit a plateau ? 11 Mon. Mar 17, 7:52pm
How do you make it past plateaus? 21 Mon. Mar 17, 7:52pm
Thank you Peer Trainer! 13 Mon. Mar 17, 7:11pm
Etiquette in Community Threads 29 Mon. Mar 17, 6:25pm
Naming Other Members In Threads.... 16 Mon. Mar 17, 5:34pm
Coffee 6 Mon. Mar 17, 5:29pm
OT: Blowhards on TV 1 Mon. Mar 17, 5:08pm
There is a Right Way, and a Wrong Way to Leave PEERtrainer Groups . . . 47 Mon. Mar 17, 5:00pm
Any tricks or tips on how to lose THE LAST FEW LBS faster?? 20 Mon. Mar 17, 4:16pm
Law of Attraction Group 1 Mon. Mar 17, 2:16pm
Egg-cellent! 2 Mon. Mar 17, 1:39pm
my sunscreen makes me break out. Any good ones? 2 Mon. Mar 17, 1:25pm
Has anyone tried Salba? 0 Mon. Mar 17, 1:04pm
Did you ever feel like you needed to make a big change?? 12 Mon. Mar 17, 12:59pm
Law of Attraction Group? 3 Mon. Mar 17, 12:44pm
has your sense of "dieting" changed? 13 Mon. Mar 17, 12:19pm
30 - 30 3 Mon. Mar 17, 11:59am
Scales 1 Mon. Mar 17, 11:24am
Walking shoes 2 Mon. Mar 17, 11:19am
Alcohol 4 Mon. Mar 17, 11:15am
Does purging always = bulimia? 4 Mon. Mar 17, 11:05am
best exercise to lose weight around bum and thighs... 13 Mon. Mar 17, 10:50am
Alcohol 46 Mon. Mar 17, 10:32am
Binge-eating inpatient treatment 1 Mon. Mar 17, 2:50am
Not offending a group member 9 Sun. Mar 16, 11:58pm
how much do you/ and or spouse make? 39 Sun. Mar 16, 10:47pm
Join us for our New Adventure- a "walkabout" in the land down under. 1 Sun. Mar 16, 7:54pm
Join us for our New Adventure- a "walkabout" in the land down under. 0 Sun. Mar 16, 4:24pm
Butter/vegetable sprays, Who knew? 15 Sun. Mar 16, 4:14pm
Motivational Quote? 22 Sun. Mar 16, 12:20pm
Favorite 1 and 2 point foods and snacks? 19 Sun. Mar 16, 12:12pm
What are your inspiration sources for getting healthy? 8 Sun. Mar 16, 11:51am
At Risk 3 Sun. Mar 16, 1:25am
Average 3 Sun. Mar 16, 12:22am
Great Book to Check Out 3 Sat. Mar 15, 10:02pm
Sonnys!!!!!!! What on Earth???!!!! 12 Sat. Mar 15, 8:48pm
Peer Trainer Site 25 Sat. Mar 15, 8:40pm
any one trying the Flat Belly Diet..from Prevention magazine? 22 Sat. Mar 15, 5:06pm
metabolism...can I really mess it up? 4 Sat. Mar 15, 11:39am
Cleaning cleaning how I hate cleaning 2 Sat. Mar 15, 10:40am
blackberry or iphone 2 Sat. Mar 15, 10:38am
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